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Profiting from years of experience and expertise in the different areas of SME promotion and development, the International SEPT Program has developed a series of short-term training and diploma courses in the most crucial topics for SMEs. They include courses such as entrepreneurship promotion, market driven innovation and internationalization strategies.

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In the global economy, innovation is one of the determinant factors for strengthening the competitive capabilities of enterprises. In the praxis, innovation is a knowledge-transforming-mechanism which constrains sequential and interdependent elements. This mechanism acts as a process and for this reason innovation is to be understood as a process, which requires the collaboration of all the functional departments involved.

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The traditional context of international business is challenged by the wider both-ways mobility of the hard and soft economic, political and cultural factors. New consumer groups, new preferences and supplies of products and services, new forms of organizations and management, new institutions and rules and new firms from different corners of the globe are registering them in international business landscape in a regular manner to make the international business as one of the most dynamic systems.

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Although primary industries are important to developing countries, and particularly in Latin America, they have been largely unable to contribute to rapid growth. These industries induce premature de-industrialisation inhibiting the formation of a solid industrial base. Due to increased economic specialisation, natural resource-based economies will remain hosts for primary activities based on factor endowments. The worldwide increasing demand for natural resources means a challenge for these economies and an opportunity to spread industrialisation.

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